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They have included a screen to the unit now so it never burns your flowers. I read some of the other reviews from people and watched Youtube videos and I tell you that it’s a true vaporizer. My unit was back ordered when I first got it, and I did have to wait, but gotvape was really helpful when I called about my unit.

At that point, pop off the top screen , stir herb lightly getting the bottom and side stuff into the middle (a bobby pin is all I use, won’t damage ceramic chamber), relaunch. You should get another three or four inhalations. Then, and this is where the planets align and the magic begins, drop another ceramic screen on top!

They do not, at least mine does not last even close to the 72 hours of advertised use. After a 6 hour charge battery died shortly after 2.5hours of continuous use. I recharged the battery for eleven hours. The battery ran down at about 4 hours of continuous use. There is a very fine line in which your strength of inhale turns vape into burn. When the battery gets low vaping seems to be easier…AND you know your battery is getting low.

I purchased this pen a month ago and it has quickly become my favorite thing ever in my history of favorite things! I am giving this wonderful invention to every one of my pot-smoking friends. If you find that the vapor is too light you can try leaving the herb chamber attached to the top for an extra minute or two before turning on the fan, to let the chamber preheat a little bit. Also, you can wait for the orange light to turn back on before turning on the fan, so that the heater is actively running while you fill up the balloon. I haven’t tried it sorry, cookie resin ( I actually haven’t reviewed any vapes meant for oils yet, but I’m hoping to in the near future. Regardless of the dumbass I am for not keeping up with the receipt I wouldn’t recommend this trippy-stick to anyone.

I haven’t tried it yet but here to hoping this will solve the combustion issue of the exposed coil. I’m betting the heat up time will be a little increased with the addition of the ceramic plate on the bottom. Just figured I’d give you a shout since you’ve provided one of the best reviews on this pen. Atmos is a shitty company with horrible customer service and overpriced garbage. They are also patent trolls suing competitors including some milion dollar lawsuit on some kid who was selling on ebay or some shit. Atmos is trying to patent all sorts of existing products from ceramic atomizers to 510 batteries.

Smaller than conventional SATA SSDs they are an affordable professional alternative to recording to a camera’s internal memory cards. Offering up to 2TB storage, a sequential read speed of up to 550MB/s and write speed up to 500MB/s, these drives can record up to 150 minutes of 4K ProRes on a single drive. Measuring 8cm long, 7.5cm wide and weighing as little as 88g, the custom built drives neatly fit the Ninja V’s compact proportions. The number of cameras which now support RAW recording over HDMI on the Ninja V continues to grow.


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