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Fashion, For Women Only

But the real fashion is the clothes, at least its base.

Women's fashion on the other hand is a completely different niche and separate from any other fashion and in general, everything related to women is in a separate niche.

We like everything different, better, more expensive, more colorful and preferably as much as foreign made and see for example the FOX hysteria and the clothing war that was there, it is inhuman to come out injured and crushed from a shopping trip not to mention the huge queue that was there for jeans At $ 30.

It is true that we exaggerate sometimes, but because of this exaggeration we have a separate line of our own not only in clothing but in other products and also in everything that has to do with us, the women, treat differently more subtly, more sensitively and, more marketably.

Women's fashion is a completely different world, from very small sizes (Lucy and the rest of his friends) to extra large sizes (seasons, ML and more). Less anorexic awareness of the market. The designers realized that thin is beautiful, but it is not the most common and women in normal sizes are larger consumers and the prices are definitely accordingly.

What the designers did not understand is that the general economic situation of the families is not very alarming and therefore the prices should be lowered a bit or at least made more normal and thus women's fashion will get more momentum.

There is no doubt that fashion has progressed in recent years at a record high, everything has become more high-tech, more modern and there are moments when we miss or miss the softer and more colorful fashion. Less rigidity, less difficult to achieve, more openness and more attitude.

Women's fashion is just like us, women, diverse, soft and always innovating, of course just like us there are the extremes on every side, the extremes in riotous fashion and alternatively a particularly conservative fashion.

One can find every six months, spring and autumn usually, a changing fashion that can be seen mainly in the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York of course. A few weeks after these fashion shows.

On the other hand, no one said that in the market you can not find women's fashion, and sometimes even more colorful and interesting, you just need to know how to combine the items of clothing.