Common Eye Health Conditions

1. Short-sightedness or perhaps Myopia

Those that suffer from high degree myopia face vision issues and even the possibility of sight loss in some instances. While many cases of near-sightedness are mild or moderate, those which are above 6.0 dioptres are thought to be chronic and degenerative. Eyeglasses as well as contact lenses are able to help myopic individuals see better although others also can decide to deal with the symptoms via laser surgery.

2. Cataracts

Cataracts are frequent for those who are in their senior ages although it is able to in addition affect anyone from every age group. When one has a cataract, the lens in the eyes are clouded it brings about dimmed or maybe blurred vision or sightcare opticians perhaps perhaps total blindness. At this time there are scientific studies that suggest that over exposure to the sun’s UV rays are able to improve the chance of developing cataracts. Apart from aging, some other causes could be diseases, prolonged illnesses, or eye injuries like diabetes, and also some drugs. Treatment can be accomplished through surgery in which the eyes lens are removed as well as changed with plastic ones.

3. Glaucoma

This particular disease is caused by optic nerve harm and will creep up on us without us noticing symptoms. It is considered as the second leading cause of eyesight damage and is likewise believed to be the quiet thief of the eyesight as it’s typically detected in its late stages. Regular eye tests are able to help monitor if your eyes are at the threat of having glaucoma. eyedrops and Oral medication might be taken to treat glaucoma when prescribed by a watch doctor. Nevertheless, surgery is a solution if any of the various other treatments do not work.

4. Diabetic retinopathy

This particular eye disease occurs if diabetes destroys the retinal blood vessels. Initial stage of diabetic retinopathy can cause macula edema or even swelling that reduces vision. If the problem persists, then an individual who is suffering from this condition is able to have eye floaters or sight spots which also decreases vision. Diabetics can stop this disease by making their blood sugar levels steady and by maintaining regular exercise as well as eye tests.


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