Free Worldwide Shipping to Spain and many.
Free Worldwide Shipping to Spain and many.


Akolzol, it’s becoming a hot trend on facebook since the middle of 2017 many travelers, fashion-bloggers, wholesale products and social media influencers posted their photos with a beautiful Rattan Bag / Wicker bag from Thailand, HongKong. And suddenly this “Traditional Handcraft” bang on trend.

It’s amazing people put this traditional handcraft at the same level as Mango and D&G as a “must have” fashion item. And the truth is, the market demands of this Bali traditional handcrafted basket bag is much bigger than the basket bags that produced by those fashion brand giants, hundreds or maybe thousands of times.

Rattan Bags are made from a process of weaving rattans together and there is an abundance of them around the Island of the Gods. These bags, however, are made from a different yet similar material called Ata. it is a type of fern with latin name Lygodium Circinnatum, that natives already used for making ropes and wicker baskets for a long time ago.

From the beginning, it’s not hard to find these kinds of bags in Thailand, we can see it everywhere. They sell it in every art markets and small art shops on the street. And even the price is unbelievably much cheaper compare with the first year. Especially if you have a good bargaining skill, buy in a big quantity to resell it, you will get a very low business price.

But have you ever think about quality over cheap price?

And what would you think if I say that there are major quality differences between bags from different sources? 

Yes. There are so many quality differences of Rattan Bag on the market right now. For example, last week we were roaming around many shopping centers around many countries , and we were pretty startled as we found so many bad qualities bags and even fake bags they are selling on the market. We found bags with bad quality Ata, bad weaving and construction, even they changed the material with rattan (not Ata), a non-rigid body as they were not passing oven & smoke process, bad coloring by using cheap kind of oil paint and wood finish. They also changed the straps with PU leather.

So consider it and take good care if you are more into quality as we are.

We work directly with the leader of craftsmen community at a traditional village in south thailand that has been doing rattan handcrafts since 1997. And are completely involved all the process from start to finish.

We do not work with middlemen or random collector.  And our products are originally made in Thailand, it’s a completely different quality products. This is how we’re able to supply Ako Bags for our clients in a stable quality. Also to take any customization – whether it’s for a different lining, a different strap length and color, a different type of closure etc. We DO NOT buy from random markets / re-seller / wholesaler / collector that usually claimed they have their own production & craftsmen and believe us when we say that there are major quality differences between bags from different sources,wholesale products  and we provide you the best ones.