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How to choose a sports bag for a man?

Unlike women who carry the bag and see it as a fashionable accessory, men see the bag as an item to carry objects

Is style just fashion?

Style, even though it corresponds with "fashion", is really, really not fashion. This, without denying that fashion is an element (no more, if at all) within this space that we call "style".

What colors will you wear this coming winter?

Turquoise and cream?

Like sand that touches the sea - the combination of blue and cream creates

Which finger does a couple ring wear? How to wear a ring to look good!

Couple rings are the testimony of love and marriage of two people. During the wedding ceremony, the couple exchange rings and wear wedding rings f...

Why the bracelets are important in women's life?

The female public has had a very large influence on the jewelry market for years; if you see it from different points of view, some are dedicated ...

Knitting Guide for Beginners - What are the knitting methods and how to knit?

Knitting is one of the most popular works of art today. We see amazing knitting items around us, in wool stores we discover an amazing selection of...

What does our jeans say about us?

Women tell me that when they lose weight they tend to buy a pair of jeans to a lesser extent to celebrate their "victory". For these women, jeans a...

Fashion, For Women Only

But the real fashion is the clothes, at least its base.Women's fashion on the other hand is a completely different niche and separate from any othe...

PLUS SIZE - tips and advice for buying clothes

Colors - not just black: as is well known, black is the slim color, and in any self-respecting wardrobe, there should be several items in black. At...

What mens bracelets are in fashion?

Over the years men have become much more self-aware in the field of beauty and fashion and of course jewelry for men has become a major trend.There...

Special dresses for girls

A special dress is a completely subjective matter and what may seem standard to one, may seem very special to another. Still, when you are looking ...

Pedicure and manicure – not just for women

When we think of fashion we usually associate it with women. But that is not necessarily the case. If you notice that fashion leaders around t...
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