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The data contained on this page establishes data and not lawful exhortation hoodies for man. The peruser accepts all accountability for any utilization of this data. It would be ideal if you counsel an attorney for explicit inquiries. This page might be refreshed intermittently.

Coming up next are necessities for submitting Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification of encroachment and DMCA counter notification to akolzol. In any case, we lean toward that you utilize our reporting structure, which permit us to process sees with more prominent effectiveness and empower approved gatherings to send sees notices with quality and ease.


  • Recognizable proof in sufficient detail of the work supposedly encroached upon
  • Identification of the purportedly encroaching material on akolzol including the particular area of the material so that akolzol can discover it.
  • The name of the licensed innovation proprietor and contact data for the notifier, including name, address, phone number, and email address
  • An explanation that the notifier has a decent confidence conviction that the material isn't approved by the licensed innovation proprietor, its operator, or the law
  • An explanation that the data gave in the notification is exact, and under punishment of prevarication, that the notifier is approved to submit the question in the interest of the copyright proprietor.


If a person becomes aware of any claim or potential claim in respect of copyright of product liability arising from a delivery of any products it shall immediately inform the akolzol through a mail.


On the off chance that you distort that product is encroaching, you might be at risk for harms (counting expenses and legal advisors' charges). Consequently, on the off chance that you are uncertain about whether the product is encroaching, if it's not too much trouble contact a legal advisor before presenting a notification to akolzol. Deceitful or oppressive notification or other abuse of alkozo's Licensed innovation Strategy may bring about record end or other lawful outcomes. not accept any seller which use copyright. if for any reason you have seen some image or text that must be removed because issues of copyright even if not related to your store please click here to remove that seller/products .. Akolzol would like to make business with everyone, as long aits doesn't any artist which have worked hard to brand his products. We respect everyone who might want to create a better life, as long as its doesn't involve copy writing (as its bother to the original brand creator, who worked hard for it).

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