Omega 3 Helps Depression – Enhance your Brain and Mood Functions With DHA Omega 3 Supplements

Did you recognize that regular consumption of omega 3 helps depression? Yes, that is right; studies show that it helps you to enhance the mind functions of yours such as the area that controls your moods.

Omega3 is an essential nutrient your body needs but can’t manufacture; hence you get it through food as well as supplements. The greatest source of omega 3 is fish since it contains DHA and EPA; the benefits of omega-3 are derived type DHA and EPA.

Study shows that the brain of yours is generally sixty % fat and half of that fat is dha; that’s exactly why dha omega three helps depression and other brain associated circumstances for example dementia, ADD and ADHD. Studies have proven that people with these brain related conditions have very low quantities of dha omega3.

While you can get omega3 by consuming fish, eating a great deal of fish may result in toxic poisoning; fish have contaminants such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals because of the polluted waters in which they live. That is why your best option is supplementation.

But, all supplements aren’t created equal; a lot of them still contain impurities. So, search for those that are purified through the method of molecular distillation; that is the only method which ensures that the toxic compounds are separated from the oil, therefore making it safe for the consumption of yours.

Remember it is dha content of omega three that can help depression; thus, make certain that the brand you are taking contains much more dha than epa. It’s suggested the level of dha contained in a nutritional supplement need to be two times the total amount of epa; the minimum recommended amount in a capsule of 1000mg fish oil is 250mg of dha.

The fact is, the additional dha supplements contain the read more about Kratom here (visit efficient they will be; this is since the body of yours can easily turn dha into epa if necessary, but can’t do the reverse.

Now that you know that omega three helps depression, ensure that you buy pure fish oil supplements which contain enough dha.


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