Puffco Peak Vaporizer: How to Use 2022 Quickstart Guide Planet of the Vapes Canada

Click once to bump the temperature up a level, all the way up to the highest temperature . Double click to activate the heater and let it run a full cycle. Notice how it flashes for 20 seconds while heating up, and vibrates when it’s ready. Then the light stays solid for the entire session, until it vibrates and goes out.

App issues aside, the Puffco Peak Pro is my new dabbing device of choice — for now. The concentrate delivery industry is still young, and I have no doubt a rival like Grenco will come back with something even more convenient and accessible to beginners. Because there are many more cautious newbies out there who might enjoy going on sublime dates with ghosts of plants. Single-click the button to cycle through heat settings- Blue is the lowest, which is 480F, then Green, Red, and White is the highest at 545F. Sure, the case is not a big deal and doesn’t affect anything “vapor related,” but it’s clear right off the bat that a lot of thought and smart design went into this product. The Puffco Peak Pro has a 40% larger chamber than its predecessor, double water capacity, and an app to customize your experience.

How many people need to complain about this until you fix it? This is a very expensive product to not fully function as advertised. You are to wait til the lights glow blue and then initiate bt connectivity. Have tried this no less than 10 times, uninstalled, reinstalled app, rebooted phone, all to no avail. When you finally sync them and force the app to find the Pro, THE PRO TIMES OUT BEFORE THE APP FINISHES SYNCING so it never connects.

When filling the Puffco Peak Glass, less is always best. Puffco suggests filling just past the two air holes, and we agree. Any more than that, and you might get water in your mouth. Water can damage the electronic base and atomizer as well, so be sure to fill it up before you attach it to the base. The App is designed to handle customer support requests. Should you use the app for this purpose, photos are useful in diagnosing and documenting any potential problems.

Moreover, it requires less hassle to clean up and super safe for everyone. The vaporizer comes with a carrying case that places everything Puffco Peak related things in one place. You may add up the collection with the travel kit to supplement the vaporizer for adventures. Sesh mode perfectly vaporizes small and big loads, allowing you to extend sessions and create the first social dab experience ever. Puffco also added a feature called SmartWare which automatically adjusts your bowls heat and provides more consistent heating after repeated use in sesh-mode. The Puffco Peak was designed with a ceramic bowl which delivers smooth and tasty hits and is easily detachable for cleaning.

Like the Peak and Peak Pro, the Proxy will rumble when it reaches the selected temperature and will stay hot for around four drags before automatically turning off the heat. You can extend the session by double tapping the control button up to four times and I got around a half dozen, four-puff sessions on Green heat level before having to recharge. Triple clicking gives you an estimate of the remaining battery life, with Green, Orange and Red denoting the three levels.

Every detail in the Puffco Peak vaporizer comes with functions in mind. The most stylish and functional one would be the LED light band. Therefore, the LED light band eliminates the need for a screen with style. Featuring removable ceramic bowl for the atomizers, cleaning up can never get easier especially for a dabbing rig. As far as the difference between the Puffco Peak Pro and the regular Puffco Peak.

The Peak Pro should last you about 30 sessions before needing a recharge. In practice, I was able to get between 25 and 30, which is not bad at all. Puffco has addressed the main complaint with the original Peak, the micro USB charging. The Puffco Peak Pro has four built-in temperature settings.

The sticky post-dab residue had a tendency to leak out of its ceramic chamber and either cause you to cough a lot , or in the case of other users, crack the device’s heating element. The CEO of the company that makes dab pen battery and carts (www.digitaljournal.com) Tabs (single-serving dabs) told me last year that he’d broken three Peaks that way. It’s a game-changer in energy efficiency and battery life – requiring 30% less power for bigger dabs and so much more flavor.

The Puffco Peak Pro has addressed all of the shortcomings of the OG Peak and delivered a high quality product that just might be worth the astronomical price tag. The atomizer can handle more concentrate than the Peak, as the bowl is 40% larger. Puffco has been working on the Peak Pro for the past three years, but it was almost as if they’d been listening in on all my concerns about those other devices. The Peak Pro holds its charge for about as long as the G Pen Connect, but charges much faster because the Pro uses USB-C. There’s an optional $120 Power Dock that will charge the Peak Pro wirelessly, and also acts as a battery pack for other USB devices, but that seems like expensive overkill. The coil has a sensor that monitors the bowl’s temperature and reports that to the onboard microchip.


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