Puffco Plus Portable Vape Pen Dab Device

I have receipts showing I had it for like ten days. Still insisted they were at no fault and Vinson was such an asshat I will NEVER recommend puffco again. The heat-up time is quite slow since it uses a ceramic bowl compared to some vape pens but the flavor produced by the Plus is phenomenal. And since it doesn’t heat up quickly, there is less burning of the wax and prevents the body from overheating. The draw resistance is good that you can get smooth and flavorful vapor at any temp settings but the middle one is my favorite.

Not impressed at all if this is the life span if its so damn easy to just die. If the battery was pulled out of place and put back in, it is likely that the battery will no longer connect to any atomizer or charger. Would you be able to provide a quick video demonstrating that the battery will not connect to the charger or the atomizer as you’ve described? Please send this media assistance to , so I can tackle that for you today.

I cannot do 3 CBD to 1 THC straight, I need to lquidize it. It’s really hard to find that ratio where I live. That being said I’ve probably WASTED 1/2 of each shatter package because this piece of shit falls over no matter how hard you try to be careful. And of course it all runs down all over the outside of this WONDERFUL dab pen battery rick and morty characters squanchy (https://www.digitaljournal.com/). Pay me the $60 I’ve lost on your “OH SO WONDERFUL PEN” and I’ll give you some I’ll earned kudos. Read reviews BEFORE you buy any product.

Instead you guys are full force cramming more flawed replacement parts down everyones throat and hoping the shut up, roll over and let you keep their money. Do the right thing and admit when you make a mistake and maybe you’ll keep some of these customers. Worst pen ever and Vinson is TERRIBLE about customer service, as in he insults the customer and then claims you are lying. Had a puffco go to shit within 2 weeks and he & the puffco team kept saying the atomizer was only supposed to last 1-3 months and they only warranty the battery.

This can be done by rapidly clicking the power button, twice. This is a great feature especially if you want longer sessions since you don’t need to hold down the power button to do so. Whether this is your first vape pen or your tenth, you won’t have any problems using the Plus. I like the plus alot more than the pro. I had my plus for over a year and no issues.

And when and if vaporizer works I will then write another review. Hey I’ve also hd problems with Puffco plus. J bought a second one after the first one stopped working. For the past 3 yrs or so I have been enjoying their products both the Plus and Pro 2. Just be honest with your customers, and tell them you don’t know when your supplier will fill all the backorders.


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