Three Herbs to Boost The Mood of yours Naturally

Do you know a misery merchant? Just like the bank manager of yours, a misery merchant usually knows just how to make you feel awful. They are the type of person that no matter how things go, always feels down, blue or unhappy?

While it is normal to enjoy days when you’re feeling just a little out of sorts, regular problems with moods can certainly truly make life, well miserable… pardon’the pun!

The long term solution for mood disorders as well as anxiety is to correct underlying nutritional deficiencies. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a fast process. This is where herbal medicine can enable you to obtain short term relief.

Sage – Not only Sore Throats

Sage is probably not the very first herb which springs to mind for mood disorders; actually many folk organic cures make use of sage more as an all natural antiseptic in the therapy of sore throats and coughs. Sage but, has much more to offer than simply this. Study is just now uncovering what the Chinese have known for centuries and sage is shooting its rightful place as an important herb to help central nervous system function and mood.

What genuinely makes sage stand out from the herd is its rapid action. Studies have found reductions in pressure as well as improvements in mood as fast as just one hour after taking the powdered form of the herb. Many other mood boosting herbs require a number of days of consistent use and click here even then, only make their effects known gradually.

Assuming you have previously attempted sage tea, you will know it doesn’t make the nicest brew. This taste however can conveniently be masked by the fact of other strong flavours such as liquorice or peppermint. Alternatively, several health food stores stock powdered sage in capsules which can make this particular herb a bit easier on the belly.

The application of sage oil internally and strong sage preparations need to be avoided during pregnancy. It can possibly exacerbate some gastric disorders and complaints.


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