What are Some Fitness Trends You need to Follow in 2014?

The ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal conducts an annual survey to determine trends in the fitness market to be able to help health experts cultivate probably the most useful programs attainable. The Journal does create a distinction between trends and fads, citing fads to be transient compared to trends. Below are ten of the greatest health trends for 2014.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training-or Read More HIIT-is the best fitness trend for 2014. It’s a full body exercise, consisting of alternating periods of high-intensity anaerobic exercise and brief periods of sleeping time. The workouts are short, generally lasting a maximum of thirty minutes.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training employs the person’s personal weight as a source of natural resistance. As gym equipment is in general not necessary because of this form of training, it can be accomplished in most areas and with many budgets.

Educated, Certified and also Experienced Personal Trainers

Private training is known for its lax regulations, causing massive variations in the quality of individual trainers. Two third-party accreditation systems-CAAHEP as well as NCCA-have stepped up, offering quality education and certification programs for physical fitness professionals. Private trainers with such certifications are better able to devise quality fitness programs for their clients.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults


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