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Why the bracelets are important in women’s life?

The female public has had a very large influence on the jewelry market for years; if you see it from different points of view, some are dedicated to designing and creating these accessories for others, even the simplest woman in her life will wear jewelry at any time. This is why women are part of the jewelry market, or rather they complement them, doing their position so that it evolves and develops in trends.

From a very young age, girls make their bracelets making his fashion bracelet for girls . This is part of their life. Even from birth, they are wearing jewelry. Whether it is the first pair of earrings and small symbolic bangles for girls that can provide protection, family traditions, as time goes by, these accessories are changed by others according to age until they are teenagers and create their style and identity in which they can choose and renew their bracelets and incorporate other jewels to their body such as necklaces, earrings, rings.

They serve as a gift. What woman would not love to give her a bracelet? It is a fine detail that she will undoubtedly appreciate and will provide her with a loving memory bond, not forgetting that among families, the bracelets for women there is a tradition of inheriting bracelets and other types of jewelry that are passed from generation to generation. Without a doubt, they are ideal accessories for every moment, not forgetting the reason why women wear bracelets. “Impact and feel confident when using them.”

The use of these accessories does not lose prominence in the lives of women. The trend changes, but women will always wear bracelets of any type of material. It is already a tradition to decorate and complement their outfits in the best way. It is that touch of personality and essence that you give. Although trends come and go and come back again, they are part of our life. It is always sought to worship wrists, fingers, necks, ears, ankles with jewelry of all kinds depending on the moment. Therefore jewels are part of the feminine identity. They are part of who they are in this society.

Also, they can be mixed. Big, thick bracelets, with different colors and materials, bracelets will always be in fashion. They are simply accessories that speak for us, becoming the personal language of each woman. It is the essence of what they are, originality, and what is sought to project. It is good to have bracelets for any special occasion that you want to impact or look elegant, modern, sophisticated, unique. The bracelets provide femininity, joy, and can be combined with any style. In addition to being the law of attraction, they are accessories that most stand out to women today.

Time advances and bracelets evolve, offering exclusive, unique, original, elegant designs, rudimentary elaboration, and transmitting exclusivity worldwide. They are simply a mixture of art, colors, shapes, modernity, and luxury. For his use, there are no secrets nor rules. The bracelets, according to the current trend, can be used perfectly according to the occasion and the outfit.

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Which finger does a couple ring wear? How to wear a ring to look good!

Couple rings are the testimony of love and marriage of two people. During the wedding ceremony, the couple exchange rings and wear wedding rings for each other by hand. This means that the two officially end their single life and officially begin their marriage life, but many couples are about to enter marriage I don’t know much about the wearing of wedding rings. The following editor will introduce which finger to wear a wedding ring and how to wear a ring to look good.

  1. Which finger does the wedding ring take?

Which finger does the couple ring have? According to my country’s traditional custom that men are left and women are right, brides generally wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand. The groom wears the wedding ring on the ring finger of his left hand. In Western countries, the bride and groom wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand uniformly because they believe that the blood in the ring finger flows directly to the heart, symbolizing the most beloved person in their lives. .

Second, how to wear a couple ring to look good

  1. The thicker style couple ring is suitable for wearing on the root of the finger. The thinner ring is the most beautiful on the top of the finger. In addition, it is recommended to wear a thin style ring for the middle finger to create the visual effect of slender fingers.
  2. If you have a special liking for gemstone rings, you should choose the way of wearing them according to the size of the gemstones. For large inlaid gemstone rings, usually wear on the middle finger, and small gemstone rings are worn on the little finger to make your fingers. It looks more symmetrical.
  3. If you plan to wear more than one ring, when choosing a ring, try to choose a ring of the same color. In addition, you must control the number of rings and don’t look too fancy and lose focus.
  4. Match rings of various styles and shapes together and wear them on the same finger. This will make your hands look more slender, but pay attention to the matching between the rings, so as not to make people feel inconsistent.

The above is the related content of which finger to wear a couple ring and how to wear the ring. I hope it can help everyone. Wearing a ring is also a science. When wearing a ring, you should understand the meaning of each finger wearing a ring.

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Knitting Guide for Beginners – What are the knitting methods and how to knit?

Knitting is one of the most popular works of art today. We see amazing knitting items around us, in wool stores we discover an amazing selection of yarns and a selection of knitting booklets full of knitting patterns, and of course we are exposed to the many knitting sites full of patterns and knitting instructions, knitting workshops open in every corner and everyone wants to learn to knit.

So how do I bar?
There are two knitting styles, knitting in two crochet hooks and knitting in one crochet hook.
Knitting with two knitting needles is usually suitable for knitting flat and wide things like clothing.
Knitting in one crochet hook is suitable for round models, for models with volume and height.

What does it take to knit?
To knit we need yarns and knitting needles. Wool stores have a wide variety of yarns, wool yarns and cotton yarns, thin yarns and thick yarns. Choose a thread and adjust the thickness of the knitting needles to the thread, there is a selection of knitting needles from bamboo, metal, and plastic.

Knitting in two knitting needles
In this type of knitting, two straight and pointed knitting needles are usually used at their ends. The thickness of the knitting needles, combined with the thickness of the wool yarn and the knitting tension will determine the degree of density of the knitting.
In the knitting method in two knitting needles the first thing to know is to raise eyes. The eyes are the loops that form on the knitting needles. Raise eyes parallel to the width of the work, the thinner the crochet hooks, the more eyes should be raised and the thicker they should be, the larger the eyes will be and the fewer eyes will be needed.
The two basic eyes are the right eyes and the left eyes, one should knit the whole row to the end, rotate the work and knit the next row.
In two knitting needles we have the patent knitting which is made up of some right eyes and some left eyes, used at the beginning of the sweaters and sleeves, because it is “springy” and fits the edges of the clothes.

Knitting in one crochet hook
This type of knitting is done by one narrow crochet hook that has a bend at the end that is designed to help catch and pull the knitting thread.
In the knitting method with one crochet hook, start by creating an initial loop, and then pull a thread through the existing loop using the crochet hook, so that each time there is one loop with which to work and through which the thread is passed and the next loop is created. This type of knitting is also known as crochet knitting.
Knitting in one crochet consists of knitting of – chain eyes, half column, pillar, short pillar, double pillar, flat eye.
We can knit straight and high rows, as in two knitting needles, or knitting in a circle, a flat circle and a circle with volume, when starting the knitting from the center.
Circular knitting is suitable for knitting napkins, domes, pillows and more.
Knitting in a circle with height and volume is suitable for knitting dolls, hats, bags and more.

Knitting a swatch
Knitting a few eyes in straight and high rows To get an idea of ​​our scale, the scale will help us calculate before starting work how many knit eyes.

Knitting is fun, easy and comfortable, knitting is portable, the knitting work can be taken with us in a bag and you can always pull it out and knit.
In the age of television and the computer, we should engage a little in creativity and doing things with our own hands.
Recommends knitting and challenging ourselves creatively.

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What does our jeans say about us?

Women tell me that when they lose weight they tend to buy a pair of jeans to a lesser extent to celebrate their “victory”. For these women, jeans are a symbol of thinness and youth. On the other hand, some women choose jeans precisely when they are in a bad mood! This is what a study in England found (Pine, 2012). Here too at akolzol boutique I have discovered that women who regularly opt for jeans are primarily interested in disguising their body (Stolobi, 2018).

So are jeans a “happy” item in the closet or vice versa? It is not easy to explain this contradiction.

Prof Payne argues that jeans are what we wear when we are depressed and less invested. I suggest referring to the type and character of the jeans chosen. The choice of color, shape, length, size is what dictates the feeling of the woman inside this pair of jeans. Sometimes it will be the jeans of her dreams, and sometimes she will feel out of duty with the morning dress. In any case, not all jeans are flattering to the wearer, and often the feeling of camouflage is an illusion.

Jeans are a good example of a basic principle in Akolzol Boutique – the interpretation of the garment is always personal. A garment that symbolizes liberation and sexuality for one woman can symbolize simplicity and integration into the background for another. It is difficult to categorize exact clothing styles because each item of clothing can have a different “character” depending on the character and choices of the woman wearing it. For example, Kate Middleton is a woman who can also turn skinny jeans into a decidedly classic item.

So what does our jeans say about us? To crack this “existential” question, we need to start by understanding what jeans mean to us. Is it a must-have item, and common in our wardrobe, or is it perhaps too simple for our liking and inaccurate to our needs? Which jeans do we choose and why? When do we choose to wear jeans and what does it have to do with our mood?

I would like to conclude with an exciting confession, from a woman who used to wear mostly jeans and now underestimates it. This woman is me. In the past, it was clear to me that jeans are the natural item for me. Effortless, suitable for almost any occasion, and I had no problem finding jeans to my liking. Following the births I went through, and especially following therapeutic styling, I realized that jeans are not accurate for my needs. It is too simple, it has no uniqueness, and it is especially difficult for me to eat when I wear it! Nowadays the jeans in my wardrobe have dwindled, and their cut has also changed (high cut, and if possible not skinny either). My process demonstrates the insights that come following therapeutic styling, following which every woman can rethink the items in her closet. Our habit of wearing a certain thing every once in a while for years, does not mean that it is the best item for us. Sometimes the very same skirt or dress, can be interpreted from an “effortless”, “different”, “not everyday” garment, to the most accurate expression for who I am.

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Fashion, For Women Only

But the real fashion is the clothes, at least its base.

Women’s fashion on the other hand is a completely different niche and separate from any other fashion and in general, everything related to women is in a separate niche.

We like everything different, better, more expensive, more colorful and preferably as much as foreign made and see for example the FOX hysteria and the clothing war that was there, it is inhuman to come out injured and crushed from a shopping trip not to mention the huge queue that was there for jeans At $ 30.

It is true that we exaggerate sometimes, but because of this exaggeration we have a separate line of our own not only in clothing but in other products and also in everything that has to do with us, the women, treat differently more subtly, more sensitively and, more marketably.

Women’s fashion is a completely different world, from very small sizes (Lucy and the rest of his friends) to extra large sizes (seasons, ML and more). Less anorexic awareness of the market. The designers realized that thin is beautiful, but it is not the most common and women in normal sizes are larger consumers and the prices are definitely accordingly.

What the designers did not understand is that the general economic situation of the families is not very alarming and therefore the prices should be lowered a bit or at least made more normal and thus women’s fashion will get more momentum.

There is no doubt that fashion has progressed in recent years at a record high, everything has become more high-tech, more modern and there are moments when we miss or miss the softer and more colorful fashion. Less rigidity, less difficult to achieve, more openness and more attitude.

Women’s fashion is just like us, women, diverse, soft and always innovating, of course just like us there are the extremes on every side, the extremes in riotous fashion and alternatively a particularly conservative fashion.

One can find every six months, spring and autumn usually, a changing fashion that can be seen mainly in the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York of course. A few weeks after these fashion shows.

On the other hand, no one said that in the market you can not find women’s fashion, and sometimes even more colorful and interesting, you just need to know how to combine the items of clothing.

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PLUS SIZE – tips and advice for buying clothes

Colors – not just black: as is well known, black is the slim color, and in any self-respecting wardrobe, there should be several items in black. At the same time all the colors can match to the extent that the combination of shades is correct. You can definitely wear trendy colors and also white combined with a top or bottom in darker shades. Strong colors are most often suitable for sporty wear.

Do not be a victim of fashion: it is important to buy a garment that is comfortable and pleasant for you in terms of touch and general feeling. It is also important that the garment be fashionable and also flatter your body measurements.
Must-have items: A classic jacket, pants and one shirt are a must in any wardrobe.

Jeans: Buy jeans with a low percentage of lycra and even without lycra in different cuts, because the jeans give a youthful look and are always in fashion. Pay attention to the length of the jeans and the height of the belt. Jeans with too low a waist are not flattering for full-figured women. Length 3/4 or 7/8 is usually suitable for full women.

Lengths: Long and large tunics usually create a “tent” look that does not narrow the body and is not young. Make sure the shirt length is neither very short nor very long. Avoid very low pants and very short shirts even if it is very fashionable. Full-length skirts are usually low-cut. Short sleeved sleeves look younger than elbow-length sleeves.

Types of fabrics: Lycra fabrics usually emphasize the full body, so the type of fabric, its thickness, the percentage of lycra and of course the size of the garment are very important, in order to avoid an overly tight and inappropriate appearance. “Liquid” fabrics are not always flattering to a full body. The right look with a “liquid” fabric depends on a good cut.

Prints and Samples: If you are very large, avoid overly scribbled prints, too large print samples and too small samples.

Stripes: Diagonal stripes blur very large body proportions. Lateral stripes on the other hand do not necessarily get fat, depending on the bandwidth and colors.

Cutouts: Tailored cutouts usually go well with a full body. It is important to check that the garment will be tailored in terms of the flattering shape for your body. Longitudinal cut lines in the garment create a narrow cut. Sections A are recommended for having a very large hip circumference compared to the chest circumference.

Necklines: V-necklines and flattering shoulder necklines for the neck area. If you have a small chest structure, “boat” cleavages will also be suitable.

Accessories: Accessories will upgrade any look, but avoid very small old jewelry, and “huge” jewelry.

General appearance: Neglected appearance of hair and makeup usually does not look good. Avoid this unless the mirror is pre-tuned. However, too much care is not recommended for women who prefer a natural look. Hairstyle design should take into account the appearance of the face – for a round and full face, a hairstyle is recommended that will cover part of the face on both sides, while a cropped hairstyle emphasizes and expands the face.

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What mens bracelets are in fashion?

Over the years men have become much more self-aware in the field of beauty and fashion and of course jewelry for men has become a major trend.

There are many and varied types of jewelry for men but the most prominent of which of course are bracelets for men and this is because a bracelet is one of the easiest accessories to wear and can fit with most clothing styles, in fact there are many types of bracelets which can create confusion among many men.

You should follow and use the number of guidelines presented in this article.

Usually most cheap bracelets use a zinc alloy which causes staining after a few individual uses and can even be toxic for a certain population and you should always look for jewelry made of stainless steel, gold or even high quality silver.

It can be seen that men’s bracelets have taken many and varied forms over the years, so how can you choose the right bracelet for you?

Matching bracelets to a man must be proportional to the size of the hand and of course be sufficiently close to the wrists.

Large and bulky metal bracelets usually slide back and forth on the wrist which causes them to age quickly, it is important to adjust the weight of the bracelet significantly because bracelets with reduced weight tend to be much better preserved and this is because the friction percentage is significantly lower.

How to match the right bracelet?

The bracelet can be adjusted in a number of parameters, the first of which is the sliding of the fingers between the bracelet and the wrist.

Another parameter is to treat the bracelet just like a watch with is large and wide of course we will see it much more prominent beyond the sleeve or it may not even fit in the sleeve.

What mens bracelets are in fashion?

Men’s jewelry is used for customization regarding the overall look, it is important to remember that the style of the jewelry comes to convey a message about you which makes people ask what meaning is behind it.

In conclusion the man always enjoys getting jewelry, of course a bracelet is always the favorite jewel for most men so it is important to choose the bracelet with the style that suits the man and of course focus on the raw materials from which it is made.

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Special dresses for girls

special dress is a completely subjective matter and what may seem standard to one, may seem very special to another. Still, when you are looking for special dresses for girls, you can guess that you are looking for dresses that do not look like fashionable mainstream dresses on the one hand and do not look like typical classic dresses on the other hand. They can contain different elements from both worlds, they can be very simple and minimalist and they can be very rich and ornate, but when you look at them, it is quite clear that they cannot be defined mainstream and cannot be defined as classic. Something in these dresses makes us look at them a little more and with more interest in relation to other dresses.

The special dress test

The fashion world is constantly trying to teach us what is supposed to be special to us, but in the end it is an inner feeling that cannot be avoided and cannot be ignored. Special dresses for girls are dresses that when you look at them feel wow, dresses that make the girls who wear them sweeter, special and more beautiful than usual, dresses that have no dress similar in the environment, dresses whose first question comes to mind is “Where can you get such a dress?”. When you come to a clothing store to choose special dresses for girls, this is exactly the feeling you want to recognize within you and if that feeling does not appear, then the dress is not special. Such a simple.

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Online clothing shopping

The online fashion world

In the past when we wanted to replenish our clothing, we would drive to the familiar store or downtown, until the malls came into our lives and grabbed the biggest market share for leisure and leisure.

Over the years our content world has changed and instead of stores and malls many consumers

find themselves spending time in front of a computer screen to make their new purchases.

If, in 2013, the rate of online purchases in the United States

was about 30% of all online users today it is about 80% of online purchases.

We are witnessing a steady rise in online shopping and, according to the best experts

in the field of immigration, will continue so that by 2020,

online shopping will be about 95% valued at about $ 2 billion.

So why has the network actually taken over our lives in such a significant way?

In the technological age where social media is dominating and we are all trying to keep up with the pace of new technologies coming into our lives we find ourselves sitting in front of a computer screen or phone screen,

and when both screens engage us most of the day we will also do the basic things such as: buying clothes online, making appointments in the clinic, Reading news and more.

The comfort of sitting at home and waiting for everything to come to us simply wins the desire to get up and leave the house, especially in recent years when life has become demanding with the desire to establish a family,

career and leisure for hobbies just no longer time to go outside and hang out.

Today, the convenience offered by the US sites and the vast selection available on the market simply leaves the malls and city centers empty of man,

today the domain has also grown to mature and indeed the age range of online purchasers

if two years ago the online shopping world was a land of young people and the people of computing,

now ranges from 15- 70.

Each site ultimately offers a different style of price and conditions but most of them focus on a young clientele

who wants to stay in fashion and at the same time pay less.

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Pedicure and manicure – not just for women

When we think of fashion we usually associate it with women. But that is not necessarily the case. If you notice that fashion leaders around the world are mostly men.

Today, the grooming issue for men does not sound as strange as it was 20-30 years ago.

Then you will be surprised that men are like that too.

Pedicure and manicure – not just for women

Yes dear men. It’s not just guys who like to nurture themselves. Get out of your movie.

Pedicure and manicures are aesthetically pleasing. The cleanliness of the dry skin around the nails and the warts you’ve been pulling for a year and a half (especially for the summer – we women will appreciate it very much).

Arranging and cleaning your nails is a healthy and acceptable thing. There are those who go another step forward and also put a transparent nail polish – not terrible but not really mandatory.

Enough to hold your hand and it will or at least look clean and well-groomed and when we go to the beach together you will not have a greenish and delusional bump on the foot – we glide to the sky.

Yes we women, become happy with little things, what to do.