Artistic Flexibility: 10/5m Enamel Gold Wire for DIY Crafts

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Handmade Boutique Artistic Flexibility: 10/5m Enamel Gold Wire for DIY Crafts

Artistic Flexibility: 10/5m Enamel Gold Wire for DIY Crafts

Unleash your creative flair with the Artistic Flexibility offered by our 10/5m Enamel Gold Wire, perfect for various DIY crafts. This versatile wire is ideal for cloisonné painting, filigree work, and other crafts that demand a touch of elegance.

Product Details:

  • Name: Cloisonné painting with filigree enamel aluminum oxide gold wire
  • Length: 10m/5m
  • Specification: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm
  • Material: Aluminum wire
  • Surface Process: Electroplating
  • Production Process: Pure handmade
  • Features: Soft, tough, can be created at will, plasticity (not suitable for polishing)
  • Use: Gold wire painting, cloisonné painting, sand painting, and other crafts
  • Ornamental Pattern: Landscape and flowers
  • Also Known As: Aluminum oxide wire, gold wire, gold-plated wire, copper wire

Available Styles:

  • 0.5X1 Flat Silk: Gold, silver, red, green, black, purple, blue silk
  • 0.5X1 Filament: Gold, silver, red, green, black, purple, blue silk
  • 0.5×1.5 Flat Wire: Gold wire
  • 0.8 Round Wire: Gold wire

Note: The most complete size specification, length, and style are available in our store, offering the most favorable prices.

Usage Tips:

  1. Cloisonné Painting: Achieve intricate details and patterns in your cloisonné artwork.
  2. Filigree Work: Use the wire for delicate and ornate filigree designs.
  3. Craft Projects: Ideal for various craft projects, including gold wire painting and sand painting.

Transform Your Crafts with Artistic Flexibility: Whether you’re an experienced artisan or a DIY enthusiast, this enamel gold wire provides you with the artistic flexibility to bring your creative visions to life. Its soft and malleable nature allows for easy manipulation and shaping, making it an excellent choice for various crafts.

Visit Akolzol to explore the complete range of sizes and styles available. Elevate your crafts with the exquisite touch of enamel gold wire.

Order now and infuse your projects with sophistication and artistry!


0.5×1 10m, 0.5×1 10m-100006055, 0.5×1 10m-100006056, 0.5×1 10m-100006057, 0.5×1 10m-100006058, 0.5×1 10m-100006059, 0.5×1 10m-100006060, flat wire 0.5×1.5 5m, flower wire 0.5×1 5m, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006062, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006063, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006064, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006065, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006066, flower wire 0.5×1 5m-100006067, round wire 0.8 10m, Wire Storage Box

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