How to dress nicely for everyday

How to dress nicely for everyday – a useful guide
Casual wear is no less important than attire for special occasions. On the contrary, if we think about it, everyday clothing is our business card for the world, it is what we choose to broadcast, and that is precisely its power and strength. However, many times there seems to be no unequivocal answer to the eternal issue of how to dress nicely for everyday, and the answer seems to lie in your personal preferences and the lifestyle you choose for yourself.

Elegant style
Career women who need a meticulous style of dress on a daily basis will often find themselves adhering to an elegant style of dress – tailored suits, buttoned shirts, or elegant dresses and skirts. It is important to know that even in the elegant style of dress it is possible and desirable to emphasize your uniqueness, whether by choosing unconventional fabrics, choosing cuts with a surprising wink, such as puffy sleeves, or a combination of accessories that will upgrade the look.

Sophisticated style
Many women do not need to adhere to an elegant dress code as part of their daily routine, but rather to possess a powerful persona that conveys fashionable openness and a well-developed personal style. These women will mainly suit uniquely designed clothes. If you are one of the sophisticated style ladies, your wardrobe should consist of carefully collected items in boutique stores and designers that you will not find on any other.

Classic style
If you like mostly calm colors, clean cuts and meticulous clothing that looks like it is derived from a European magazine, you probably belong to women who prefer a classic style that is always in fashion and always in style. If you have a classic style, your wardrobe should consist of shirts, jackets, pants and skirts that do not try to shout in their uniqueness, but rather stand out in the small details and their accuracy.

Casual style
Many women belong to the casual and effortless style of dress. These are the women of jeans and tights, knitwear and wide shirts, those who seek to empower themselves not only through looks but also through comfort. If you have a casual clothing style, you should make yourself a wardrobe based on shirts made of comfortable and light fabrics, which will suit mainly jeans and flat shoes, such as sneakers or ankle boots.


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