Is style just fashion?

Reflections on style and fashion
Style, even though it corresponds with “fashion”, is really, really not fashion. This, without denying that fashion is an element (no more, if at all) within this space that we call “style”.

From these things, it is clear that style is not all the same fashionable clothes on the shelves, or hangers in stores, in the same fashion stores, and that their pictures adorned the magazines a few months before they arrived in stores.

Luxury radiation

It has, in style, a quiet projection of our personality that is combined with our external appearance, including the clothes and jewelry, so that a combination is created here that is beyond wear – and transmits a luxury that everyone notices.

Such prestige, for example, is well expressed in the clubs and clubs of “high society.” So will a man with a white jacket and a blatantly unfashionable golf shirt, with a “style” and the lady next to him with an old-fashioned dress in contemporary fashion terms, with a very clear style.

The source of prestige

As I have already mentioned, the source of luxury is not necessarily the attire (I have already said, outdated). Much more so, the clothing items of this couple, may have received their own prestige from these couples! In other words, in clothing itself, in itself, there is no prestige – but it comes from another source – from the people themselves, but how? Why do they have the ability to radiate luxury to the outside world – and more with outdated clothing?

The answer lies in completely different components, from a completely different place – at the level of our consciousness and even our subconscious. We are affected here, in fact, by latent messages that we are enveloped in and therefore are also affected by them subconsciously, shaping our consciousness without being fully aware of the process.

The discovery …

There is here, I seek to argue, that this is an internalization of social values. In other words, in socio-cultural conditioning. I believe that through the socio-cultural brainwashing that Western society (of which we are a part) has undergone the recognition that “style” is related to the external appearance of the upper class, since we all strive to be part of the upper class and therefore we want to imitate them in dress and appearance. .

The performance of “Fashion”, on the world stage that turned a beautiful show (this concept is relative of course) into something accessible to all of us, did not change the way we perceive the appearance of the upper class, although we can dress similarly today (but we will not, Because it is no longer considered “beautiful” …) – which indicates that the socio-cultural conditioning has a power that is beyond fashion orders. The centuries of “brainwashing” I mentioned cannot disappear in the wake of an arbitrary fashion order coming out of modern design houses.


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