Knitting Guide for Beginners

What are the knitting methods and how to knit?

Knitting is one of the most popular works of art today. We see amazing knitting items around us, in wool stores we discover an amazing selection of yarns and a selection of knitting booklets full of knitting patterns, and of course we are exposed to the many knitting sites full of patterns and knitting instructions, knitting workshops open in every corner and everyone wants to learn to knit.

So how do I bar?
There are two knitting styles, knitting in two crochet hooks and knitting in one crochet hook.
Knitting with two knitting needles is usually suitable for knitting flat and wide things like clothing.
Knitting in one crochet hook is suitable for round models, for models with volume and height.

What does it take to knit?
To knit we need yarns and knitting needles. Wool stores have a wide variety of yarns, wool yarns and cotton yarns, thin yarns and thick yarns. Choose a thread and adjust the thickness of the knitting needles to the thread, there is a selection of knitting needles from bamboo, metal, and plastic.

Knitting in two knitting needles
In this type of knitting, two straight and pointed knitting needles are usually used at their ends. The thickness of the knitting needles, combined with the thickness of the wool yarn and the knitting tension will determine the degree of density of the knitting.
In the knitting method in two knitting needles the first thing to know is to raise eyes. The eyes are the loops that form on the knitting needles. Raise eyes parallel to the width of the work, the thinner the crochet hooks, the more eyes should be raised and the thicker they should be, the larger the eyes will be and the fewer eyes will be needed.
The two basic eyes are the right eyes and the left eyes, one should knit the whole row to the end, rotate the work and knit the next row.
In two knitting needles we have the patent knitting which is made up of some right eyes and some left eyes, used at the beginning of the sweaters and sleeves, because it is “springy” and fits the edges of the clothes.

Knitting in one crochet hook
This type of knitting is done by one narrow crochet hook that has a bend at the end that is designed to help catch and pull the knitting thread.
In the knitting method with one crochet hook, start by creating an initial loop, and then pull a thread through the existing loop using the crochet hook, so that each time there is one loop with which to work and through which the thread is passed and the next loop is created. This type of knitting is also known as crochet knitting.
Knitting in one crochet consists of knitting of – chain eyes, half column, pillar, short pillar, double pillar, flat eye.
We can knit straight and high rows, as in two knitting needles, or knitting in a circle, a flat circle and a circle with volume, when starting the knitting from the center.
Circular knitting is suitable for knitting napkins, domes, pillows and more.
Knitting in a circle with height and volume is suitable for knitting dolls, hats, bags and more.

Knitting a swatch
Knitting a few eyes in straight and high rows To get an idea of ​​our scale, the scale will help us calculate before starting work how many knit eyes.

Knitting is fun, easy and comfortable, knitting is portable, the knitting work can be taken with us in a bag and you can always pull it out and knit.
In the age of television and the computer, we should engage a little in creativity and doing things with our own hands.
Recommends knitting and challenging ourselves creatively.


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