Online clothing shopping

The online fashion world

In the past when we wanted to replenish our clothing, we would drive to the familiar store or downtown, until the malls came into our lives and grabbed the biggest market share for leisure and leisure.

Over the years our content world has changed and instead of stores and malls many consumers

find themselves spending time in front of a computer screen to make their new purchases.

If, in 2013, the rate of online purchases in the United States

was about 30% of all online users today it is about 80% of online purchases.

We are witnessing a steady rise in online shopping and, according to the best experts

in the field of immigration, will continue so that by 2020,

online shopping will be about 95% valued at about $ 2 billion.

So why has the network actually taken over our lives in such a significant way?

In the technological age where social media is dominating and we are all trying to keep up with the pace of new technologies coming into our lives we find ourselves sitting in front of a computer screen or phone screen,

and when both screens engage us most of the day we will also do the basic things such as: buying clothes online, making appointments in the clinic, Reading news and more.

The comfort of sitting at home and waiting for everything to come to us simply wins the desire to get up and leave the house, especially in recent years when life has become demanding with the desire to establish a family,

career and leisure for hobbies just no longer time to go outside and hang out.

Today, the convenience offered by the US sites and the vast selection available on the market simply leaves the malls and city centers empty of man,

today the domain has also grown to mature and indeed the age range of online purchasers

if two years ago the online shopping world was a land of young people and the people of computing,

now ranges from 15- 70.

Each site ultimately offers a different style of price and conditions but most of them focus on a young clientele

who wants to stay in fashion and at the same time pay less.


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