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advice for buying clothes

Advice for buying clothes & Tips

Colors – not just black: as is well known, black is the slim color, and in any self-respecting wardrobe, there should be several items in black. At the same time all the colors can match to the extent that the combination of shades is correct. You can definitely wear trendy colors and also white combined with a top or bottom in darker shades. Strong colors are most often suitable for sporty wear.

Do not be a victim of fashion: it is important to buy a garment that is comfortable and pleasant for you in terms of touch and general feeling. It is also important that the garment be fashionable and also flatter your body measurements.
Must-have items: A classic jacket, pants and one shirt are a must in any wardrobe.

Jeans: Buy jeans with a low percentage of lycra and even without lycra in different cuts, because the jeans give a youthful look and are always in fashion. Pay attention to the length of the jeans and the height of the belt. Jeans with too low a waist are not flattering for full-figured women. Length 3/4 or 7/8 is usually suitable for full women.

Lengths: Long and large tunics usually create a “tent” look that does not narrow the body and is not young. Make sure the shirt length is neither very short nor very long. Avoid very low pants and very short shirts even if it is very fashionable. Full-length skirts are usually low-cut. Short sleeved sleeves look younger than elbow-length sleeves.

Types of fabrics: Lycra fabrics usually emphasize the full body, so the type of fabric, its thickness, the percentage of lycra and of course the size of the garment are very important, in order to avoid an overly tight and inappropriate appearance. “Liquid” fabrics are not always flattering to a full body. The right look with a “liquid” fabric depends on a good cut.

Prints and Samples: If you are very large, avoid overly scribbled prints, too large print samples and too small samples.

Stripes: Diagonal stripes blur very large body proportions. Lateral stripes on the other hand do not necessarily get fat, depending on the bandwidth and colors.

Cutouts: Tailored cutouts usually go well with a full body. It is important to check that the garment will be tailored in terms of the flattering shape for your body. Longitudinal cut lines in the garment create a narrow cut. Sections A are recommended for having a very large hip circumference compared to the chest circumference.

Necklines: V-necklines and flattering shoulder necklines for the neck area. If you have a small chest structure, “boat” cleavages will also be suitable.

Accessories: Accessories will upgrade any look, but avoid very small old jewelry, and “huge” jewelry.

General appearance: Neglected appearance of hair and makeup usually does not look good.

Any advice for buying clothes?


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