Streetwear Brands 2021: A Recap of Trendsetting Brands in 2021

Streetwear Brands 2021

Introduction: The year 2021 witnessed the continued evolution of streetwear, with brands pushing boundaries and setting new standards for urban fashion. Let’s take a look back at some of the standout streetwear brands that made waves and defined the style narrative.

1. Supreme: The Undisputed Icon No discussion of streetwear is complete without Supreme. In 2021, this iconic brand continued its reign, releasing coveted collaborations, bold designs, and limited-edition drops that kept enthusiasts on their toes. Supreme’s red box logo remained a symbol of streetwear prestige.

2. Off-White: Virgil Abloh’s Continued Influence Off-White, under the creative direction of the late Virgil Abloh, maintained its position at the forefront of streetwear. Known for its avant-garde designs and distinctive aesthetic, Off-White’s releases in 2021 continued to captivate the fashion world.

3. Palace Skateboards: British Streetwear Mastery Palace Skateboards, originating from the UK, showcased its mastery of British streetwear in 2021. Known for its irreverent approach and distinctive graphics, Palace continued to release sought-after collections, garnering a dedicated global following.

4. A Bathing Ape (Bape): Japanese Streetwear Legacy Bape, a Japanese streetwear icon, continued to leave its mark in 2021. Renowned for its iconic camo patterns and unique designs, Bape’s limited releases and collaborations maintained its status as a symbol of Japanese street culture.

5. Kith: Elevating Casual Luxury Kith, founded by Ronnie Fieg, remained a powerhouse in 2021.

Conclusion: In 2021, these streetwear brands showcased innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion. As we look back, it’s evident that the streetwear landscape remains dynamic and ever-evolving.

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