What colors will you wear this coming winter?

What colors will you wear

Turquoise and cream?

What colors will you wear | Like sand that touches the sea – the combination of blue and cream creates a feeling of calm and serenity. Many designers have adopted the color coupling to their upcoming collections. Even in the field of makeup, the combination of blue and cream creates a dramatic and exciting look. If you are undecided which shirt to match which necklace – I offer a blue or turquoise necklace with a light beige cream shirt.

Squares, triangles, and fifties

Hipster fashion has not passed, it is just resting and will soon intensify again. Remember Grandma’s round glasses once? They’re getting ready for a comeback! You can go ‘for sure’ and wear big round sunglasses. We have seen such fashionable attempts before. But what about the diameter of the bottom of a bottle?

In addition to the huge glasses, fifties-style clothing may also return to us this coming winter along with the crembo and radiator. The emphasis in the comeback of the fifties is the investment in different geometric shapes in faded colors of peach, lilac, light mustard and beige. Of course striped knee socks are welcome with doll shoes. Will this fashion be lovingly received in the country or is it ‘too bold’? Write me your opinion!

What colors will you wear?


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