What does our jeans say about us?

Our Jeans

Women tell me that when they lose weight they tend to buy a pair of jeans to a lesser extent to celebrate their “victory”. For these women, jeans are a symbol of thinness and youth. On the other hand, some women choose precisely when they are in a bad mood! This is what a study in England found (Pine, 2012). Here too at akolzol boutique I have discovered that women who regularly opt for are primarily interested in disguising their body (Stolobi, 2018).

So are jeans a “happy” item in the closet or vice versa? It is not easy to explain this contradiction.

Prof Payne argues that jeans are what we wear when we are depressed and less invested. I suggest referring to the type and character of the jeans chosen. The choice of color, shape, length, size is what dictates the feeling of the woman inside this pair of jeans. Sometimes it will be her dreams, and sometimes she will feel out of duty with the morning dress. In any case, not all are flattering to the wearer, and often the feeling of camouflage is an illusion.

Jeans are a good example of a basic principle in Akolzol Boutique – the interpretation of the garment is always personal. A garment that symbolizes liberation and sexuality for one woman can symbolize simplicity and integration into the background for another. It is difficult to categorize exact clothing styles because each item of clothing can have a different “character” depending on the character and choices of the woman wearing it. For example, Kate Middleton is a woman who can also turn skinny into a decidedly classic item.

So what does our jeans say about us? To crack this “existential” question, we need to start by understanding what mean to us. Is it a must-have item, and common in our wardrobe, or is it perhaps too simple for our liking and inaccurate to our needs? Which jeans do we choose and why? When do we choose to wear and what does it have to do with our mood?

I would like to conclude with an exciting confession, from a woman who used to wear mostly and now underestimates it. This woman is me. In the past, it was clear to me that jeans are the natural item for me. Effortless, suitable for almost any occasion, and I had no problem finding jeans to my liking.


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