Which finger does a couple ring wear? How to wear a ring to look good!

How to wear a ring

Couple rings are the testimony of love and marriage of two people. During the wedding ceremony, the couple exchange rings and wear wedding rings for each other by hand.

  1. Which finger does the wedding ring take?

Which finger does the couple ring have? The groom wears the wedding ring on the ring finger of his left hand. In Western countries, the bride and groom wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand uniformly because they believe that the blood in the ring finger flows directly to the heart, symbolizing the most beloved person in their lives. .

Second, how to wear a couple ring to look good

  1. The thicker style couple ring is suitable for wearing on the root of the finger. The thinner ring is the most beautiful on the top of the finger. In addition, it is recommended to wear a thin style ring for the middle finger to create the visual effect of slender fingers.
  2. If you have a special liking for gemstone rings, you should choose the way of wearing them according to the size of the gemstones. For large inlaid gemstone rings, usually wear on the middle finger, and small gemstone rings are worn on the little finger to make your fingers. It looks more symmetrical.
  3. If you plan to wear more than one ring, when choosing a ring, try to choose a ring of the same color. In addition, you must control the number of rings and don’t look too fancy and lose focus.
  4. Match rings of various styles and shapes together and wear them on the same finger.

The above is the related content of which finger to wear a couple ring and how to wear the ring. I hope it can help everyone. Wearing a ring is also a science. When wearing a ring, you should understand the meaning of each finger wearing a ring.

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